Department of theoretical electrical engineering

Professions of graduates

Graduates professions for the specialty 141 - Electric power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics

Educational program (specialization) - Electrotechnical devices and electrotechnological complexes

Graduates of the Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering after graduation receive a diploma of higher education of the state model, and also a supplement to the European Diploma of Higher Education (DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT) in English, so all of the positions listed below can be taken as in Ukraine and abroad.

Careers in Ukraine after graduation

According to the current occupational classifier of Ukraine DK003: 2010 graduates of the Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering can perform the following types of professional work:

1222.1. Main specialists - managers and technical heads of production units in the industry

  • Chief electric power engineer
  • Chief electric power dispatcher
  • Chief engineer (Industry)
  • Production director
  • Head of nuclear power plant service
  • Head of department
  • Technical manager

2143.1. Researchers (Electrical Engineering)

  • Agricultural engineering research engineer
  • Associate professor (Electrical engineering)
  • Researcher (Electrical engineering)
  • Research assistant (Electrical engineering)

2143.2. Electrical engineers

  • Dispatcher of electric power system joint dispatch control
  • Dispatcher of operational dispatching service of trunk electric networks
  • Dispatcher of centralized dispatch control of united energy system of Ukraine
  • Dispatcher of central dispatching service of power system
  • Emergency automation engineer
  • Agricultural electrification engineer
  • Engineer for adjustment, improvement of technology and operation of electric power plants and electrical networks
  • Engineer for operational dispatch service modes
  • Relay protection and electrical automation engineer
  • Engineer for repair and adjustment of electric power equipment of a nuclear power plant
  • Technical audit engineer
  • Dispatch and technology control engineer
  • Lighting and aircraft electrotechnical maintenance engineer
  • Converter complex engineer
  • Insulation and surge protection engineer
  • Power line service engineer
  • Substation service engineer
  • Distribution network engineer
  • Electric power engineer
  • Power engineer
  • Design engineer (Electrical engineering)
  • Professional to operate power stations, power plants and electrical networks
  • Energy management professional

2144.2. Electronics and telecommunications engineers

  • Engineer for high voltage testing and measurement of power equipment

2132.2. Computer software developers

  • Software engineer
  • Programmer (database)
  • Programmer (applied software)

2149.2. Engineers (other areas of engineering)

  • Research engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Design engineer for agricultural machinery and equipment

Careers abroad after graduation

According to the International Standard Classification of Occupations 2008, ISCO-08 graduates of the Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering can perform the following types of professional work:

2151. Electrical Engineers:

  • Electrical engineer
  • Electric power generation engineer
  • Electromechanical engineer

3113. Electrical Engineering Technicians

  • Electrical engineering technician
  • Electric power transmission engineering technician

3131. Power Production Plant Operator

  • Distribution control operator
  • Electric power plant operator
  • Generating station operator
  • Hydroelectric power plant operator
  • Power system operator
  • Solar power plant operator

Our Contacts at the Admissions Committee:

National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, building #16, 4th floor, room #146, Knowledge area: 14 "Electrical Engineering", specialty: 141 "Electrical power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics", educational program: "Electrotechnical devices and electrotechnological complexes".