Department of theoretical electrical engineering

Student accommodation

Student hostel

Nonresident students of the Department are accommodated in Dormitory #18 of the university campus.

All nonresident students are 100% provided with dormitory rooms. In addition to students of the Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automatics, dormitory #18 also houses students of Faculty of Management and Marketing and Physics and Technology Institute.

The hostel is hosting a local computer network with the ability to access the Internet. The hostel has work rooms where students have the opportunity to study, conduct various cultural events. Dormitory #18 is a twelve-story residential building of block type, with self-study rooms, relaxation rooms, a cinema hall and a gym. On each floor of the hostel there are 20 blocks each containing 2 rooms with bathroom and 2 shared kitchens.

On the campus there are sports grounds, a cafe, laundry, dry cleaning, student discoclubs, located several grocery stores, pharmacy. The campus also has a police station and university security services. All the hostels are compactly located on the university campus, which is adjacent to the park area (Solomyansky district of Kyiv).

The cost of living in a hostel depends on the number of students living in the room.