Department of theoretical electrical engineering

History of the Department

History of the Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute was founded in the early twentieth century. In the future, the department constantly improved and repeatedly changed its name. The department is the largest in the Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automation, and currently carries the name of the Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering.

In 1987, a group of teachers of the Department of Industrial Electronics joined the staff of the Department of Theoretical Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering. The department begins to provide training courses: theoretical fundamentals of electrical engineering; electric and magnetic circuits; electrical engineering and electronics; industrial electronics; electronic, microprocessor and converter devices; basics of conversion technology; electronics and circuits; microprocessor machinery; electronics; special issues of electricity transmission. The department begins to hold regular student competitions in the field of theoretical fundamentals of electrical engineering for students of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and other universities of Kyiv and all Ukraine. In addition to the traditional courses for the department such new courses were developed and methodically provided: “Theoretical Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering”, “Electrical Engineering”, “Theory of Electrical Circuits”, “Mathematical Problems of Power Engineering” and “High Voltage Direct Current Transmissions” .

In 1999, the Departments of Theoretical Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and the Department of General Electrical Engineering were merged into the Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering. The department received a new stimulus in the development of scientific work, improved methodological and publishing activities, significantly increased the proportion of young specialists in educational and research processes, the number of young candidates of sciences is increasing.

In 2018, the department was joined by the Department of High Voltage Engineering and Electrophysics. A new phase begins this year in the history of the department. The department is graduating, it has opened a new educational program "Electrotechnical Devices and Electrotechnological Complexes" and enrolled the first group of bachelors and the first group of masters. Future graduates begin to learn computer-integrated technologies and software automation in the power industry. The department begins to train students for the development, design, operation, research of electrotechnological complexes and electrical equipment for high-tech industries.

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