Department of theoretical electrical engineering

Scientific areas

Scientific areas

Scientific researches are carried out within the framework of scientific direction of the department "Development of the theory of transformation of electromagnetic energy and its parameters and development of a wide range of devices for this purpose".

  • - development of the theory of non-stationary electrophysical processes and analysis of inhomogeneous electric fields in power equipment and solid polymeric insulation; development and optimization of competitive technologies for the production of modern high-voltage cable-conductor products for voltage up to 330 kV with cross-linked polyethylene insulation for energy and industry;
  • - study of the inhomogeneous distribution of strong electric fields and determine the patterns of local amplifications of electrical, mechanical and thermal stresses in solid dielectrics depending on the different configuration of their defects;
  • - study of electromechanical automatic control systems with non-contact actuators; development of management methods interconnected electromechanical systems in the uncertainty of the mathematical model of the object;
  • - theoretical and applied aspects of the theory of identification of objects of different nature; adaptive systems for automatic control of dynamic objects under conditions of non-stationarity and a priori uncertainty of their characteristics;
  • - refinement of physical-mathematical models (and laws) of electrotechnical objects based on the use of modern computer-integrated technologies by taking into account the non-linear, non-stationary and non-autonomous properties of such objects;
  • - development of control systems for power electronics devices; mathematical modeling of electric circuits with valve elements;
  • - development of theory of transformation of parameters of electricity and study of electromagnetic processes and non-stationary modes in nonlinear circles and heterogeneous environments; development of semiconductor converters of electricity parameters, in particular with the adjustment of parametric connections for stabilization of non-stationary modes in loading; synthesis of switching functions of semiconductor power converters;
  • - research in the field of technical diagnostics of analog and hybrid devices, modeling and macromodelling of electronic circuit components, and devices using circuit simulation applications; research and modeling of circuit analogues of negatrons, research energy processes in circles with negatrons.

1. Development of the theory of non-stationary electrophysical processes.

The phenomenon of additional perturbation of an electric field by a set of closely spaced micro-inclusions in dielectrics, in particular in nanomodified polymeric insulation of high voltage cables.

New regularities of electrophysical processes in local zones of such isolation are substantiated and kinetic-activation theory is developed threshold mechanisms of its degradation in the perturbed electric field.

Based on the analysis of local electric field perturbations and stressed volumes of insulation, new criteria for assessing its quality have been developed. Results used at the Yuzhkabel cable plant (Kharkiv) during the development of the first in the CIS industrial production of world-class cables for high and ultra high voltages. This has increased Ukraine's energy security by refusing to import strategic high-tech electrical products for energy and industry.

2. Investigation of the inhomogeneous distribution of strong electric fields.

The calculation and analysis of the distribution of inhomogeneous strong electric fields in solid dielectrics with conductive and dielectric defects are performed different configuration. The regularities of local amplification of the electric field, as well as electrical, mechanical and thermal tensions in such dielectrics depending on defect configuration.

The analysis of conditions of increase of maximum field intensity, elastic volume, electromechanical pressures, forces, and density of full current in dielectricity as the main determinants of deterministic and stochastic degradation processes in the perturbed harmonic electric field. Included nonlinear properties of the dielectric, namely the functional dependence of its conductivity and permeability on the external field strength.

3. Theoretical and applied aspects of the theory of identification of objects of different nature.

Both theoretical (a priori) mathematical models development and refinement based on experiment on electrical engineering are conducted. objects of posterior mathematical models, which (due to their adequacy of electrical engineering objects) make it possible to solve the main problem with high quality - optimizing the functioning of electrical engineering objects and objects of any nature.

The work on the introduction of new high-efficiency methods of identification of electrotechnical objects, that is, the construction of a priori and a posteriori mathematical methods and optimization on them based on the main tasks of electrical engineering objects. The further introduction of these methods can make a significant contribution to the development of the theory and practice of electrical systems and objects of different of nature.

4. Research in the field of technical diagnostics of analog and hybrid devices.

Conducted research in the field of technical diagnostics of analog and hybrid devices and modeling and macromodelling of electronic components circuits and devices using applications. Thanks to the obtained results, circuit diagrams were proposed and implemented in the domestic system. ALLTED (ALL Technology Designer) engineering design algorithms for optimizing tolerances, centering the work area, and maximizing the output of suitable samples, which distinguished this network of automated design from existing Western counterparts. Currently, studies and simulations of circuit analogs of neutrons and the study of energy processes in circles with neutrons are being conducted.

Scientific relations

The department has scientific relations with universities and research institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, France, England, USA, Poland, Czech Republic and other countries.

The professors of the department trains candidates and doctors of technical sciences in the specialties: 05.09.05 (Theoretical Electrical Engineering), 09.05.03 (Electrotechnical Complexes and Systems) and 05.09.12 (Semiconductor Converters).