Department of theoretical electrical engineering

Prospective students

Foreign prospective students

Admission to specialty Electric power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics

Profile program Electrotechnical devices and electrotechnological complexes

On profile program students use modern software and tools.

Computer engineering, computer simulation and computer design of electrotechnology complexes, of electrical devices and electrical equipment is carried out with the help of modern applied software.

The new educational program "Electrotechnical Devices and Electrotechnological Complexes" covers a variety of uses electricity and computer-integrated technologies.

Modern electrical engineering is the technical application of electricity, electronics, electromagnetism and computer-integrated technologies aimed at the production, operation, modernization and intelligent control of electrical appliances and electrical equipment, and meeting the needs of society for electricity.

Modern electrical engineering

The graduates of the Department are able to solve all the tasks of modern electrical power engineering, including the development, implementation and implementation of:

  • intelligent building management systems (Smart Home) and household appliances
  • supercapacitors and new energy storage
  • charging stations for electric vehicles
  • lightning protection devices for cottages, wind turbines, solar panels, electrical substations, communication lines and power transmission lines
  • impulse protection devices
  • automation of electrotechnical complexes, technological processes and electrotechnological installations

Future electrical engineering

Graduates of the department are prepared for the challenges of the energy of the future, including:

  • implementing the new-generation highly integrated intelligent electric networks
  • designing and implementing the energy-efficient buildings

Electrical engineers will always be needed

Electrical appliances are used in every activity, regardless of their proximity to technical work. Demand for electrical products are increasing every year and will not decline further. Technical experts, especially energy, will always be in demand. Your training will focus on new trends in the field of electricity. As a result of your studies you will receive a bachelor's degree in higher education and the right to continue education at the next level - in the magistracy.

The Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering provides training on a budget basis (of Ukrainian student) for full-time and part-time specialists for all educational degrees:

Bachelor's degree programme.

Persons with full secondary education are accepted for training.

Students of the department have the opportunity to study at the military training institute, as well as to receive a second higher education in parallel (on a contractual basis), for example, economic or legal profile right here at the University. Students from other cities and villages of Ukraine are provided hostel. The department cooperates with leading employers, which guarantees real internship of students and successful employment of graduates in leading companies.

Master's degree programme.

Persons who have obtained a Bachelor's Degree in the relevant field are accepted for training. Learning at this educational level lasts 1 year 4 months or 1 year 9 months depending on the chosen program of study - educational, vocational or educational-scientific. Educational and professional the preparation program is preparation of masters in the educational program "Electrotechnical Devices and Electrotechnological Complexes" for further professional work, educational and scientific training program is designed for further scientific work of the graduate master.

Modern professions

Graduates of the Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering after graduation receive a diploma of higher education of the state model, and also a supplement to the Diploma of Higher Education of the European Model (DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT) in English and can hold all the required positions as in energy sector in Ukraine and abroad.

All positions are in the current occupational classifier of Ukraine DK003: 2010 and the International Standard Classification of Occupations 2008, ISCO-08. You can see the full list here:

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Admission of foreign citizens

Admission is based on the results of placement testing on the basis of the Contract signed by the University administration with the applicant or other higher education institution with physical or juridical persons; admission is possible on the basis of international agreements by letters of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and in frames of government order. Full-time and extramural (distance) training are available for foreigners.

Foreign citizens can submit on-line application form here:

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